I'm very impressed with the way Bev molds my artists into better and more versatile performers. Not only that, she was able to increase their confidence in their craft. Thanks Bev! =)
~ Becky Aguila, Talent Manager of Jennylyn Mercado, Empress Schuck, Wendy Valdez, Valerie Concepcion, Isabel Oli, Dino Imperial, Neil Coleta & Mariel Pamintuan

I am very glad to have this one-on-one workshop with Tita Bevs. For the longest time, I've been wanting to refresh my acting skills. With Tita Bevs, I am very comfortable and she knows me inside out. She knows how to squeeze every creative juice out of me. Her inputs make me realize how much more I can do with my craft. I am very thankful for this session and hoping to attend more.
~ Pauleen Luna, Actor, Model & Host
What happened earlier was magical. I learned a lot and it boosted my confidence. I'm looking forward to our next session. It really was a blessing to be with you both.
~ Jolina Magdangal, Actor, Model, Host & Singer

Yesterday's workshop was truly inspiring. Each and every actor had something different to offer us, to learn from. The workshop mainly taught me how to explore, focus and trust my co-actors during a scene. I also learned a lot and got tips from observing and watching my fellow actors as they portray a specific role. It was a fun experience to witness their creativity and different attacks. The workshop definitely gave me confidence for my upcoming role. I'm really excited!!!
~ Mayton Eugenio, Actor, Model & Dancer

ACIATEAM has been a wonderful find for my daughter. We came with no expectations except to improve her skills and her confidence. Those desires were met and exceeded in the first session! Now we are dealing with a confident, self assured young lady learning every day, and ready for the many challenges in the business ahead of her. While she may not be cast, it will not be because she is ill prepared! Beverly has been a God send!
~ Dr. Dennis Youngblood, parent of Imani Youngblood

ACIATEAM workshops are thoroughly engaging and entertaining as well. Thank you very much Ma'am Bev and Ms. Abby for all the worthwhile sessions. 
~ Brenda Raganit, Actor

It is a very fun and learning experience, as usual. It can help me be a better actor. Every time I'm here, they always bring out the best in me!
~ Shanelle Carino, Actor & Graduating Student

Workshop is so much fun. It will help you develop your attitude and acting skills. The exercises help you learn a lot. Tita Bev is AWESOME! For me, workshop is a place called HOME! =)
~ RJ Padilla, Actor

Workshop has helped me be more professional. It helped me come out of my inferiority complex; I have gained more confidence. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you both. MWUAH!
~ Onse Tolentino, Actor, Comedian, Singer, Radio DJ & Host, ACIATEAM Talent

Thanks so much Tita! You just don't know how grateful I am coz you're not only helping me improve my craft but you've been so willing to share some knowledge on how i should be as a person. I'm glad that someone like you totally understand what i am going through☺
~ Ehra Madrigal, Actor, Performer & Host

My son Raphael has been telling me for the past 5 years that he'd like to enter the world of showbiz. But this past few months, I saw the seriousness in his tone and the conviction to be an actor someday. Being in the business as well, I told him it's not an easy job and it requires a lot of passion for the craft. He told me that he will do what it takes because it is his dream. With this note, I decided to back him up with the proper tools, and the first of, that is workshop. He is currently under the wing of Ms. Beverly Vergel who is the best in her field. In school, my son joined a pageant for Mr. Pineslight. Luckily, my son finished the first part of his workshop with Ms. Beverly and was able to use everything that he learned from the workshop. I have to thank Ms. Beverly because my son did not just win 4 special awards, he won and got the title Mr. Pineslight! Watching him earlier on stage made me realize the wonder of Ms. Beverly's teaching because my son did not just embrace the stage and the audience, more importantly, he was loving what he was doing - an important reminder that Ms. Beverly told him before he went on stage. He surprised me with his moves, confidence, stance and presence of mind. Thank you Ms. Beverly for bringing out the best in my son. God bless you and more power!
~ Shyr Valdez, Actor and parent of Raphael Cobarrubias

At first I couldn't believe it. My shy, introvert son, Nathan, seems more confident, focused and most of all, he seem to be really enjoying himself and this is only after about two or three weeks of being with Ms. Beverly Vergel and her ACIATEAM crew.

I didn't think that such positive changes will manifest in my son in such a short time but through the workshops that he attended under Ms. Beverly and Ms. Abby, I really saw these changes.

As a mom, there is nothing I wouldn't do for my son to discover his full potential and for him to be the best that he can be. Putting him under the guidance of ACIATEAM, I believe, is the best thing that I ever did to help him achieve this. Slowly, he is learning to develop his gifts and to embrace the person that he is.
Now, whether he ends up being in showbusiness like me or in any other field, I feel that he will be more self assured because of the motivation, training & skills development that ACIATEAM continually gives him.

To ACIATEAM, thank you for doing such a wonderful job not only to my son but to all the young (and even not so young) people out there. It is because of your faith in them and the love & patience you put in honing their abilities that they learn to believe in themselves.

~ Lovely Rivero, Actor and parent of Gabriel Rivero

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