Ms. Beverly Vergel comes from a family of showbiz personalities. Her parents are "Mr. Philippines," Cesar Ramirez and First FAMAS Best Actress, Alicia Vergel. She is the younger and only sister of Action Star, Ace Vergel.

Ms. Vergel is an experienced Director, Producer, Actor, Writer, Model, Public Speaker, Personality Development Trainer and Career Coach. With more than  25 years of industry experience, she has trained newbies to stardom.  She is also a Soft Skills Trainer, Events Director and Photographer.

In 2007, ABS-CBN awarded Ms. Vergel the "Walk on Water" Awards for  
"Best in Craft" and "Best in Business Acumen - Divisional Leader."

Amongst her numerous achievements, Ms. Vergel has an MBA Regis Degree from the Ateneo de Manila Graduate School of Business and she has received numerous trainings from the Asian Institute of Management. She continuously updates her trainings on various fields, from Marketing, Business, Finance, Psychology, Performing and Creative Arts. She is also an expert in benchmarking and research. 

Ms. Vergel is currently the President of ACIATEAM - Trainings, Events and Talent Management. The company is backed by a network of partners, trainers, consultants and experts in the fields of Performing and Creative Arts, Personality and Image Makeover, Human Resource Management and Organizational Development. It is culled from more than 25 years of continuous education, training, experience and facilitation in various fields of the Arts and Business.