The Day of The Trumpet - Alicia Vergel

Director Eddie Romero made his first English language film for international release in 1958. With Cirio H. Santiago of Premiere-People’s Pictures and long-time collaborator Gerry de Leon, he co-produced and directed The Day of the Trumpet, a period movie on the early days of the American occupation in the Philippines. The American cast included John Agar, Richard Arlen, William Phipps and Myron Healey. The Filipino cast had Pancho Magalona, Alicia Vergel, Eddie Infante, Cielito Legaspi, Boy Planas, Vic Diaz and Max Alvarado.

Did you know that Alicia Vergel had a kissing scene with lead star John Agar? Her reaction: “It was my first movie kiss and I certainly hope it was my last. I was so nervous that I didn’t feel anything. Cirio Santiago (the producer) and Eddie Romero (the director) were mad at me when we were shooting scenes in Vigan because I didn’t like to do the kissing scene. It was only when we were back in Manila that I consented to go into the clinch…
Vergel did the kissing sequence and after viewing the first rushes of the picture, she suddenly realized that the picture would be dull in America (the movie was for worldwide release) without the said scene. "Besides, I don’t want it said Filipinos don’t know how to kiss. But I insisted on only one take. Agar commented he liked the kiss so much that he wanted one more take. But I lifted my Maria Clara dress and ran like the dickens, bawling all the while. Later, John teased me, I feel insulted. You are the first leading lady I kissed who cried, he said… (Jose Quirino) 

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