Acting Tips 101

Part I: Acting Tips 101 
Best Acting Comes From the Point of Truth: 
“It captures real time raw emotions.”
There are many kinds of Acting. Some of it are popularly known as Natural Acting, Cinematic Acting, Good Acting but the Best Kind of Acting… is the one that comes from a point of truth.

Natural Acting is when your portrayal of the scene or emotion appears appropriate for the intensity and type of emotion.

Cinematic Acting is an engaging execution of an emotion or a scene. It appears to be forceful and intense on screen but actually looks and feels unnatural in person.

Good Acting means appropriate emotions are expressed to breath life into the scene. Acting is “clean.”

Anyone can look the part or act it out…

But the best kind of acting is one that comes from a point of truth. It is drawn from within. It is the kind of acting that captivates the audience and transfers the emotions felt by the actor to the audience.

In essence, you do not act the part, you become the part!

~ Beverly Vergel